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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Banff National Park is absolutely stunning, and so is the town!

On its own, Banff is a quirky and beautiful mountain villa. It is surrounded by the rockies providing an alluring scenery. On our 4 day stay there, we were in the town almost every day.

We enjoyed spending time in the town by foot and checking out a couple of places to eat.


My favorite restaurant in the town was Nourish Bistro. This creative vegan/ vegetarian place has a mix of Spanish and Asian foods. It is known for organic, Gluten Free, GMO-free, and seasonal fresh foods.

The first plate we ordered was gyoza, and the presentation and taste was incredible.

Photo Credit: Nourish Bistro Website

The Gyoza tasted freshly made and so healthy. Afterwards, we ordered the Wild Mushroom Ravioli, and King Kong Noodles. All of the plates were shared with the entire table (5 people) tapas style, giving us the opportunity to have a mix of the restaurants specialties.

The restaurants mission is to show you beauty in its drinks and foods through sustainable produce. The combination of this ideology and food made Nourish the most enjoyable place to eat in Banff.


When walking around the town, I ran into a small store called the Bear Minimum. This shop offers all things sustainable giving you the opportunity to treat yourself with things that help the environment and also help you reduce waste. This shop started out as a temporary Pop Up which has now been around for one year! During my stay I found out that it is closing, making me curious as to what other sustainable shops may be coming into the town.

Banff itself is environmentally conscious and encourages storefronts to reduce their carbon footprint in several ways like by reducing single use plastic, offering rebates for using energy efficient materials and solar panels. The goal of the town is to have a zero waste culture in which they are not bringing in waste or creating waste with the tourism economy the it attracts.


After enjoying a day walking, stick around to experience Banff during Blue Hour. This stunning view was a great way to begin the evening and see the town in a new perspective.

To learn more about Banff, check out the Banff Visitor Center.

Hope you enjoy your next trip! And if you find any new places you like once you are there, feel free to comment below!

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