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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

What sustainability looks like in Portland, Oregon.

Portland, Oregon is one of the most sustainable places I have seen.

Between the options for green transportation, sustainable food, and every day green practices, Portland is a top eco-friendly city.

If you are visiting Portland, you may be impressed by it's beauty, parks, and hiking trails. If you go downtown or to the east side, the amount of breweries and B-corp restaurants may catch your eye. But, by far my favorite thing about Portland is it's accessibility. You can easily move around from the North, to the East, West, and South in one day.


There are lots of options for moving around the city. These are top favorite for environmentally friendly ways to move from location to location.

Orange Nike Bikes: Pronounced like Nike with a B, "Bykeeh." The BIKETOWN bikes can be found all over the city providing an accessible way to go from point A to point B.

Portland Streetcar: Traveling in the West side of Portland, the street car can take you from Portland's Alphabet District in the NW, down to the waterfront in SW.

Bus: Although the bus is not my favorite method of transportation, it is efficient providing lots of options for location and time.

Max: If you are going out of Portland proper, I recommend taking the max. You can take this to and from the PDX airport, or to surrounding suburbs like Nike Headquarters, Beaverton, OR.

Walking: This is my all time favorite! In walking you can alternate between any of the above options and see the city from the lens of a local.

Getting to the Portland Waterfront is easy! Once there, go to the Portland Tram for a panoramic view!

Multnomah Falls

I love Portland! My favorite time of the year to visit is either late June, when summer is just getting started, or early September when it is ending. At both of these times you may be prone for a bit of rain, but certainly lots of sunshine. The best part of Portland weather is that it is not too hot or too cold at these times.

The Saturday Market: there are many Saturday markets, but in order to have a truly Portland experience, you have to go to either the market at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, or at Portland State University. The Saturday Market at the waterfront park features local vendors, artists, and streetcar goods. If you are on the search for specific produce and meeting local famers, the Portland State Location may be best for you.

Hiking: Portland is home to some of the best hiking destinations. Most well known is Multnomah Falls, which is about 40min out from the city. However, if you prefer to stay within city boundaries, Forest Park in the NorthWest of Portland is one of the largest parks with many trails to explore!

Kayaking the Willamette River: Portland's East and West side are divided by the Willamette River. Kayaking the Willamette is spectacular allowing you a view of both the East and West side. You can get a clear view of all 12 bridges in Portland, or kayak to the nearest river island and have a picnic! The Portland Kayak Company is a locally owned organization providing rentals for a two hour minimum, giving you the perfect opportunity to explore.

Watching the sunset near Tom McCall Waterfront Park

No plastic in city grocery stores: Single use plastic bags cannot be provided by retailers check out. Instead, stores provide paper bags made from 40% recycled materials.

Recycling: The City of Portland requires commercial customers aka businesses to follow mandatory paper and container recycling. Containers are seen all over town and in businesses guiding you on what you can and cannot recycle, making the process seamless!

Bike routes: Cycling is arguably the quickest most sustainable way to move around places. Portland provides an enormous amount of bike routes, some of them right near the main waterfront park. You can bike around Portland, in the downtown area and east side with accessibility via the Portland Waterfront Park and East Esplanade.

If you are traveling to the Pacific Northwest, don't miss out on going to Portland. It is beautiful with lots of outdoor activities and eco-friendly lifestyle. Just don't move there, locals don't like it!

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