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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

The inspirations behind this blog, and why you might like it too.

For a few years I have been wanting to start a blog. I haven't known where to start so when I say wanting to start a blog, what I really mean is thinking really hard and knowing I like to write. There are so many things I like to do. I knew I had to choose just one thing to focus on. Nobody wants to read a blog that is about 18 different topics. Or do they?

I started thinking about what keeps me going, what my day to day looks like, and what are themes I keep going back to. I thought if there was a topic that I could stick to for more than 6 months and still be into it, then I might be onto something.

Travel has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved to the United States when I was in fifth grade. My mom is a jet setter, and my dad loves road trips. Between the two of them, we never really sat still. During the school year, trips consisted of going to the beach every weekend, hikes, or during the summer back home to Venezuela.

At the top of Venezuela's Mont Avila

Every time I went somewhere, my spirit would be re-energized and my soul would be at peace. Maybe that is a strange way to describe it, but you get the idea. I love traveling, it's a part of me.

In the past year I have traveled to over 25 cities and four different countries. When people ask me how I do it, my answer is always that I just have to. I find a way.

In these conversations, I have started to realize that travel is something people are interested in. Whether they are able to do the traveling themselves or not, people love to learn about other places.

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

In this journey, I have gained a greater love for our planet. This is what inspired the green aspect of the blog.

I want to share how the cities I visit are enacting change in our environment. I want to show you how places are sustainable and still meeting your consumer needs.

Many think it is hard to be eco-friendly, but really there are easy things that you can do every day which make a huge difference!

For example, instead of buying milk at the store, milk a cow!

Pictured: Me, milking a cow in Costa Rica. Circa 2014.

JUST KIDDING... you don't need to go this far, but you can still try.

So this is my attempt at sharing some of my experiences, in hopes that they may inspire you.



P.S. I am lactose intolerant.

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